Secrets of Seychelles

Seychelles is not just a fly and flop destination, and while its pristine beaches with white powder sand are a definite attraction, it’s worth scrabble deeper to find the hidden depths of this island.

We traveled to Seychelles to just discover the giant tortoises, rare endemic species and hidden art of the culture.

Meet the local experts…

Guy Savy, the owner of Bird Island and rescuer of Esmeralda the tortoise.

In 1967, Guy bought Bird Island, Seychelles most northerly outpost back before the building of the Seychelles international airport. In that time Seychelles main source of income was commercial fishing and coconut production.

Over the years, he’s kept that focus – Guy has introduced a small hotel and an airport but the island still has the Seychellois nature and people in its heart.

In 1969, Guy rescued the giant tortoise in Esmeralda. You have a question that Esmeralda is a female, he’s actually male.

A tortoise is a feminine word in French and most of the people in Seychelles refers to tortoise as ‘She’. Esmeralda is one of the biggest and heaviest free-roaming tortoises in the world. Esmeralda spends his day on the island with the white-tailed tropic birds, frigate birds and munching noisily on vegetation and sometimes heading down to the beach to gaze out to sea.

Michael Adams, resident artist - Mahe Island

Michael Adams, one of the Seychelles best-known artists, has been living there since 1972. His studio is scattered across the island. It is set in a jungle in Anse Poules Bleues, among vertigo trees and animals including blue-face chickens.

Michaels tells people that “been on holiday, painting, for most of his life”. His care for the island is clearly evident, with the landscape at the center stage in his paintings.

Glynn Burridge, tourism consultant - Vallee de Mai National Reserve Praslin Island

Glynn spent two decades living on the outer island of Seychelles and frequently writes the voices, the short stories about his experiences. He is incredibly passionate about the natural beauty of Seychelles.

The Vallee de Mai the green heart of Seychelles is one of Glynn’s favorite spots – he describes it as “the cathedral of nature”. The Coco de Mer palm the heaviest seed on the world grows some soaring to 30 meters. It can weight to 25 kg.

Vallee de Mai has now been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of only two places where the tree grows in its natural state. There you will find other unique bird species such as an endangered black parrot. The forest is also known as a real-life Garden of Eden.

There is a lot to do in Seychelles. This guide has helped you to know about Seychelles in deep. If you are running out of days and still want to explore more about this island you have to choose a full day trip. There are plenty of transfer services which can take you anywhere you want. Contact them and book your ride to enjoy your Seychelles holiday.

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